Meaning of Gram Sabha ?

Gram Sabha is the general assembly of all the people of a village. It is a permanent body which considers the annual budget and audit reports of the Gram Panchayat. Gram sabha regulates the local governance and development and makes the need-based plan for the welfare of the village. Gram Sabha is very important for the better functioning of Panchayats for transparency purposes.

Key Functions Of Grama Sabha

  • 1. To help implementation of the development programmes & schemes of the panchayat.
  • 2. To identify beneficiaries for different Programmes & schemes.
  • 3. To support the programmes of mass education & family welfare.
  • 4. To promote the unity and harmony among all sections of the society in the village.
  • 5. To discuss and recommend appropriate action with regard reports of the vigilance committee.

How Gram Sabha has Affected Mahiti Kanaja

  • 1. Reached grass root levels of Gram Panchayats.
  • 2. Addressing the needs of citizens through direct Interaction and working in coordination with the civil society organizations (SHG, Local Groups of GP, Anganwadi Workers,etc,.)
  • 3. Empowered Panchayat level Digital dialogues to establish more significant information in the portal.
  • 4. G2C services are showcased in a user-friendly format and made easier to access.
  • 5. Through this, Disclosure of information in the public domain, so that data can be validated and corrected through public scrutiny.

Posters for Grama Sabha - Click on the image to download.